New Releases For June 14, 2019

Los Coast

Los Coast - Samšara

On their eagerly awaited debut album Samšara, the visionary Austin, TX combo Los Coast delivers a fresh blast of punchy psychedelic-pop-soul that effortlessly incorporates a wide range of genres. The band's seamlessly soulful songcraft incorporates the band's distinctive grooves along with the inventive compositions and commanding vocals of principal members Trey Privott (lead vocals, guitar) and John Courtney (guitar, keyboards, vocals). The album delivers infectious hooks, ironic lyrical twists and explosive funk grooves in equal measure, providing an irresistible frame for Privott's soulful vocals and the band's explosive grooves.

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  1. 1. Voila
  2. 2. Monsters
  3. 3. Simplify
  4. 4. Graves
  5. 5. (Everything But) The Kitchen Sink
  6. 6. The Morning Weight
  7. 7. Shadow Work
  8. 8. Testify
  9. 9. Masquerade
  10. 10. Cymatics
  11. 11. (freedumb)
  12. 12. Battles
  13. 13. Weekend Lover
  14. 14. Chesapeake