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Ask The Dust

Lorn - Ask The Dust

Lorn returns with a new full-length album, his debut on Ninja Tune, and it's a huge stride forward since Nothing Else (released on Brainfeeder, June 2010). Listening back to his first album, Lorn says it now seems 'cold and strict.' Ask The Dust, on the other hand, is 'haunted, oily, smeared,' and with this description he captures something of the intensely felt, visceral aliveness of the music.

'Less gritty, less grimy, and more digital in its overall sound but no less inventive than its predecessor, Lorn has thrown down another musical challenge that's well worth rising to.' - BBC.

TAGS: Electronic

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"Weigh Me Down"


  1. 1. Mercy
  2. 2. Ghosst
  3. 3. Weigh Me Down
  4. 4. This
  5. 5. Diamond
  6. 6. Everything Is Violence
  7. 7. The Well
  8. 8. The Gun
  9. 9. Dead Dogs
  10. 10. Chhurch
  11. 11. I Better
  12. 12. Ghosst(s)