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Liz Longley

Liz Longley - Weightless

Weightless is the highly anticipated follow-up to Longley’s 2015 self-titled release. She delivers bold, thick pop with rock-and-roll edges. Her award-winning songwriting is stronger than ever, and producer Bill Reynolds, the bassist of Band Of Horses (also produced the Avett Brothers, Lissie) helps embrace a lush pop-rock approach which marks a musical evolution for Longley.

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  1. 1. Swing
  2. 2. Weightless
  3. 3. Say Anything You Want
  4. 4. Rescue My Heart
  5. 5. What’s The Matter
  6. 6. You Haunt Me
  7. 7. Never Really Mine
  8. 8. Electricity
  9. 9. Only Love This Time Around
  10. 10. Oxygen

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 21
    Denver, CO, US Liz Longley at Soiled Dove Underground
  • Jul 30
    Kitty Hawk, NC, US Carbon Leaf with Liz Longley, Emma Hern, Freddy & Francine, and 1 more… at Paparazzi OBX
  • Aug 20
    Avon, NC, US SeaLeaf 2021
  • Aug 20
    Concord, NH, US Liz Longley at Bank of New Hampshire Stage
  • Oct 10
    Decatur, GA, US Liz Longley at Eddie's Attic
  • Nov 10
    Norwalk, CT, US Liz Longley at Wall Street Theater
  • Nov 17
    Charlotte, NC, US Liz Longley with Anthony da Costa at The Evening Muse
  • Jun 22
    Portland, OR, US Liz Longley at The Old Church Concert Hall
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