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Lawson Rollins - Rise

With the release of Rise, Lawson Rollins offers a bold collection of ten original songs that showcase his signature virtuoso guitar style. Lawson explores new collaborations with Haitian vocalist Jeff Pierre, saxophonist Mary Fettig and Grammy winning violinists Charlie Bisharat and Mads Tolling on several tracks, while deepening his connection with regular band mates Stephen Duros, Davo Bryant and Dan Feiszli. Each song finds Lawson rising to his peak abilities as a guitarist and composer. Lawson states, “This album was forged during the unprecedented difficulties the world has seen over the past year plus, but as the Latin motto ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’ proclaims, we can reach the stars through difficulty. It is in that spirit that this album was made”.

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"Bossa Nova California"


  1. 1. Free To Fly
  2. 2. Rise
  3. 3. Bossa Nova California
  4. 4. Ascension
  5. 5. Escalate
  6. 6. Pulse
  7. 7. Carry The Torch
  8. 8. Quest
  9. 9. Come To Light
  10. 10. Emerge

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