New Releases For July 16, 2013

Lawson Rollins
Full Circle

Lawson Rollins - Full Circle

Having traversed the world in search of intriguing sounds from virtually every corner of the globe with his beloved Spanish guitar en tow, Lawson Rollins has come full circle on his aptly titled fourth solo album, Full Circle. Adopting a 'less can be more' philosophy on the twelve new songs that he composed allows the focus to be on Rollins' captivating melodies and dexterous fretwork that unfold over worldbeat rhythms and multicultural instrumentation.

Radio listeners will be introduced to the collection Rollins produced with multi-platinum producer Dominic Camardella (Ottmar Liebert, Flora Purim, 3rd Force) with the first single, 'Momentum,' currently receiving airplay from coast to coast.

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  1. 1. Momentum
  2. 2. Point Of Attraction
  3. 3. Pursuit
  4. 4. Flight
  5. 5. Horizon
  6. 6. Bloom
  7. 7. Full Circle
  8. 8. Serpent's Tale
  9. 9. The Offering
  10. 10. Gone From Here
  11. 11. Shifting Seasons
  12. 12. Promise

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