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Kirk Whalum

Kirk Whalum - Humanité

Humanité is unlike any album Kirk Whalum has ever made – the synergistic result of encounters made, and relationships formed onstage and off with some of the finest recording artists from all over the world. Over a period of three months in 2018, Kirk and his longtime friend and producer, James McMillan, recorded the album in locations spanning the globe. According to Kirk, language and cultural barriers faded away once the playing and improvisation began. As he sees it, music serves the same purpose all over the world – a universal form of communication to share emotion, tell stories, and “enable liberation and freedom of expression.”

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"Get Your Wings Up (Featuring Andréa Lisa)"


  1. 1. Move On Up (Featuring Brendan Reilly)
  2. 2. Everybody Oughta Be Free (Featuring Robyn Troop)
  3. 3. Don’t Get Me Wrong (I’m Grateful) (Featuring Mi Casa)
  4. 4. Wake Up Everybody (Featuring Afgan)
  5. 5. Wildflower (Featuring Liane Carroll)
  6. 6. Get Your Wings Up (Featuring Andréa Lisa)
  7. 7. Now I Know (Featuring Zahara)
  8. 8. SJL (Featuring Keiko Matsui)
  9. 9. Korogocho (Featuring Marcus Miller & Barry Likumahuwa)
  10. 10. Blow 4U
  11. 11. Kwetu (Featuring Ghetto Classics & Aaron Rimbui)
  12. 12. Peace (Featuring Grace Sahertian)
  13. 13. We Shall Overcome You (Featuring Asa)
  14. 14. From The East To The West (Featuring Heavenese)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 19
    Chandler, AZ, US Kirk Whalum at Chandler Center for the Arts
  • Jul 23
    Cincinnati, OH, US Cincinnati Music Festival Presented by P&G 2022
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