New Releases For October 19, 2018

Kinnie Starr
Feed The Fire

Kinnie Starr - Feed The Fire

Kinnie Starr returns with her unique blend of conscious hip hop and groove-driven pop. It's an album that comes out of much reflection done in the aftermath of a taxi cab collision that resulted in a brain injury. Her road to recovery deepened her interest in the nature of communication in an era where immediacy is king and anxiety disorders rise alongside extroversion and "urgent" digital chatter.

TAGS: Pop | Rap/Hip-Hop

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"Big World"


  1. 1. Feed The Fire
  2. 2. Gotta Do Something
  3. 3. I'm A Ghost
  4. 4. I'm Ready
  5. 5. The Cold Sea
  6. 6. Vendetta
  7. 7. Catch A Ride
  8. 8. Big World
  9. 9. Kiss It (Downtown Version)
  10. 10. We Are Sky