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King Buzzo With Trevor Dunn
Gift Of Sacrifice

King Buzzo With Trevor Dunn - Gift Of Sacrifice

King Buzzo, the iconic Melvins’ singer and guitar player, returns with his second solo album, Gift Of Sacrifice. The nine-song release finds Buzz Osborne joined by longtime friend and Mr. Bungle/Fantomas bass player, Trevor Dunn. Classic Rock Magazine says of the release, “He sings as if possessed by the spirit of prime Ozzy. This seven-track album has a similar stripped down, raw feel to its acoustics and shivery spooked vocals: experimental in places, the way is all laid so bare on the torched Junkie Jesus, mesmeric and with severe mantra-like properties in the beautiful buzzed guitar sound of Bird Animal, even a nod to White Album-era Beatles.”

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"Delayed Clarity"


  1. 1. Mental Vomit
  2. 2. Housing, Luxury, Energy
  3. 3. I'm Glad I Could Help Out
  4. 4. Delayed Clarity
  5. 5. Junkie Jesus
  6. 6. Science In Modern America
  7. 7. Bird Animal
  8. 8. Mock She
  9. 9. Acoustic Junkie