New Releases For March 24, 2015

Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan

Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan - Duets

Multifaceted guitar heroes Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan recording a Duets album: an idea that as soon as you hear it, you wonder why nobody, including you, thought of it until now…between them, both gentlemen play piano, bass and keyboards – and arrange and compose – and the possibilities become truly inviting. Surely Eubanks and Jordan would make some engaging “beyond boundaries” music together. That they do on their serenely seamless 10-song Mack Avenue Records outing, Duets – spontaneous compositions and passionate arrangements that will send listeners’ imaginations on a series of hypnotic journeys.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Blue In Green"


  1. 1. Morning Sun
  2. 2. Summertime
  3. 3. Nature Boy
  4. 4. Someone Like You
  5. 5. A Child Is Born
  6. 6. Old School Jam
  7. 7. Vibes
  8. 8. Blue In Green
  9. 9. Lights
  10. 10. Goin’ On Home