New Releases For June 3, 2014

Kathy Sanborn

Kathy Sanborn - Fantasía

Renowned jazz singer and composer Kathy Sanborn pays homage to her Latin heritage with Fantasía, the sultry vocalist's sixth album. Fantasía reflects Sanborn's South American roots and Latin musical sensibilities.

Spain's says: 'Kathy Sanborn is one of the most original vocalists in the American musical landscape.'

Fuel your Latin fires with this album of ten irresistible melodies, all composed by the velvet-voiced Sanborn.

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  1. 1. Unidos
  2. 2. Fantasía
  3. 3. Pensamiento
  4. 4. Viva El Sueño (Live the Dream)
  5. 5. Madre Mundo
  6. 6. Woe Be Gone
  7. 7. Sencillamente Amor
  8. 8. La Rosa
  9. 9. Daybreak
  10. 10. De Todo

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