New Releases For August 23, 2011

Justin James
A Beautiful Life

Justin James - A Beautiful Life

Gold Sky Records is proud to release Canadian singer-songwriter Justin James' third studio album.

At 20 years old, James' life took a major turn. A promising pro windsurfer, he was viscously attacked by a tiger shark. With over 250 stitches, it took a year for him to walk again but it was during his recovery that he wrote his first song. Coming off the success of his last two albums, James' music has been embraced by TV/Film and radio. Countless placements are only one of the reasons for his growing fan base. Licensing deals with Avex & Sony International have catapulted his songs into rotation overseas.

His new album, A Beautiful Life, is a collection of songs James wrote while looking back on his new lease on life. Fiercely independent, Justin's music has been compared to mainstream artists Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz & John Mayer. Justin James embarks on a cross-country tour Fall 2011.

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"A Beautiful Life"


  1. 1. A Beautiful Life
  2. 2. Let It Run
  3. 3. Help You Stand
  4. 4. Waiting On A Friend
  5. 5. One Beating Heart
  6. 6. Get It Right
  7. 7. Storyline
  8. 8. I Know You Know
  9. 9. Souvenir
  10. 10. Let Love
  11. 11. A Beautiful Life (Acoustic)