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John Brown's Body
Kings And Queens

John Brown's Body - Kings And Queens

John Brown's Body - pioneers of the U.S. reggae scene - return with their first full-length studio album since 2008's Billboard reggae #1 release Amplify. 12 tracks with the JBB trademarks: driving bass and drum, soaring horn lines, mind-altering dub effects and production, and the unique vocals of singer/songwriter Elliot Martin. LP version out May 28.

'What a glorious record. Beautiful, heartening, and well deserved for this hard working band...I could talk about this record forever. Just go get it.' - Angelica Music

'Kings And Queens is incredibly catchy and the musicianship is top notch.' - Pop Stereo Reviews

TAGS: Reggae

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"Step Inside"


  1. 1. Step Inside
  2. 2. Invitation
  3. 3. Plantation
  4. 4. Empty Hands
  5. 5. Fall On Deep
  6. 6. Dust Bowl
  7. 7. Shine Bright
  8. 8. The Battle
  9. 9. Starver
  10. 10. Old John Brown
  11. 11. Deep Summer
  12. 12. Searchlight

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