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Jeremiah Johnson
Unemployed Highly Annoyed

Jeremiah Johnson - Unemployed Highly Annoyed

"I think we caught lightning in a bottle with this snapshot of these difficult times and it is possibly my best record of my career, born from the most challenging time in my life as a musician." - Jeremiah Johnson. Quarantined at home for months, Johnson decided it was time to get creative. “Being forced into unemployment has been beyond frustrating. I decided to produce an album of songs inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and try to turn the roller coaster of emotions into something musical. This is truly a concept album.” Johnson exclaims. The final product is a first-class blues/roots rock record that is packed full of stunning guitar work.

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"Burn Down The Garden"


  1. 1. Burn Down The Garden
  2. 2. Muddy Black Water
  3. 3. Cherry Red Wine
  4. 4. Daddy’s Going Out Tonight
  5. 5. Unemployed Highly Annoyed
  6. 6. Different Plan For Me
  7. 7. Love And Sympathy
  8. 8. Rock N Roll For The Soul

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