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Jane's Addiction
Live Voodoo (DVD/Blu-Ray)

Jane's Addiction - Live Voodoo (DVD/Blu-Ray)

Live Voodoo features the original Jane's Addiction line-up - guitarist Dave Navarro, bassist Eric Avery, drummer Stephen Perkins, and enigmatic frontman Perry Farrell - enjoying a glorious reunification. They carry the crowd through 13 cuts, predominantly culled from their first two albums.

The band stirs up some voodoo of their own buoyed by the mesmerizing magic of Farrell's unmatched stage presence and Navarro's hyper-charged and heavy riffage.

In addition to the New Orleans show, the DVD and Blu-ray feature bonus footage from LA gigs in 2008, a photo gallery, and a featurette from NME.


  1. 1. Up The Beach
  2. 2. Mountain Song
  3. 3. Ain't No Right
  4. 4. Three Days
  5. 5. Whores
  6. 6. Then She Did
  7. 7. Been Caught Stealing
  8. 8. Ocean Size
  9. 9. Ted, Just Admit It
  10. 10. Summertime Rolls
  11. 11. Stop!
  12. 12. Jane Says
  13. 13. Chip Away

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