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It's Alive
Human Resources

It's Alive - Human Resources

For a young group in their early 20s, It's Alive sound like established veterans, from the intense rush of the thudding 'The Bottom' and the emotional conviction of 'Here's to You,' to the righteous anger of 'Liar' and 'Questions.'

The first single, 'Pieces,' offers a taste of this 'burning sound,' a heavy rock and roll bottom provided by the rhythm section of bassist Dean and drummer Matta that gives way to lush melodies, characterized by Webb's full-throated, emotional vocals and Haywood's anthem-like guitar riffs. It's Alive's debut is the album the band has prepared all their young lives to make.

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  1. 1. The Bottom
  2. 2. Pieces
  3. 3. Liar
  4. 4. Back Into The Rain
  5. 5. Questions
  6. 6. Here's To You
  7. 7. Selfless
  8. 8. Refuge From The Wreckage
  9. 9. Dialysis
  10. 10. Changing Colors
  11. 11. Fool For You
  12. 12. Can't Love Me