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The Out Of Towners

Hickoids - The Out Of Towners

The Out Of Towners is the final recording by the Texas cowpunk band the Hickoids featuring late Austin guitarist and punk legend Davy Jones (1954 - 2015). Jones played every major and minor venue in the city from the late '70s until cancer sidelined him in 2014 and was inducted to the Austin Music Hall of Fame three different times. The mini-album is a collection of covers written by Texas artists including Willie Nelson, Roky Erickson, Terry Allen and Doug Sahm, and showcases Davy’s rough and tumble, off-the-wall guitar stylings and captures the Hickoids ramshackle charm.

TAGS: Americana | Garage

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"Night Life"


  1. 1. I Have Always Been Here Before
  2. 2. I Just Left Myself Today
  3. 3. Night Life
  4. 4. Dead In A Motel Room
  5. 5. Cans
  6. 6. At The Crossroads