New Releases For October 11, 2011

Henry's Funeral Shoe
Donkey Jacket

Henry's Funeral Shoe - Donkey Jacket

South Wales duo Henry's Funeral Shoe unleash their distinctive punk-energy-blues-drenched-rock 'n' roll, on second album Donkey Jacket. The album features a number of guest appearances from a plethora of acclaimed musicians, including long time Van Morrison collaborator John 'Ned' Edwards on harmonica, slide guitar and mandolin, Pete Hurley of legendary '70s Welsh band Lone Star on bass, and Justin Beynon of the Broken Vinyl Club tinkling the ivories.

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"Dog Scratched Ear"


  1. 1. Be Your Own Invention
  2. 2. Love Is A Fever
  3. 3. Bottom To Top
  4. 4. Anvil & Chains
  5. 5. Dog Scratched Ear
  6. 6. Mission & Maintenance
  7. 7. Walking Crawl
  8. 8. Heart On Fire
  9. 9. Gimme Back My Morphine
  10. 10. Across The Sky