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Gentleman’s Dub Club
Down To Earth

Gentleman’s Dub Club - Down To Earth

After finding themselves Lost In Space in early 2019, Gentleman’s Dub Club are continuing their voyage through some of the freshest sunshine sounds, and now is the time to unveil a new chapter. After their single “Honey” featuring Hollie Cook hit the sweet spot from the get-go with plays from Steve Lamacq, David Rodigan and a mammoth playlisting at FIP (French National Radio), the following singles ‘Night Shift’ featuring Gardna and title track “Down To Earth” also resulted in press support from Bonafide, Skiddle and more.

TAGS: Reggae | Ska

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"Honey (Featuring Hollie Cook)"


  1. 1. Castle In The Sky
  2. 2. Down To Earth
  3. 3. Honey (Featuring Hollie Cook)
  4. 4. Sunshine Revolution
  5. 5. Moonlight Dreams
  6. 6. Night Shift (Featuring Gardna)
  7. 7. More Than Memories
  8. 8. Sugar Rush
  9. 9. Smile
  10. 10. Last Chance

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