New Releases For November 6, 2020


Garmarna - Förbundet

Garmarna's visionary folk sounds marry the past to the present on their captivating new album Förbundet. Förbundet (Swedish for connected) is an apt title as their songs, inspired by traditional Swedish folk music and Scandinavian ballads, are played by acoustic instruments but accented by modern electronics. Aided by the production of Christopher Juul (Heilung), it sees the Grammis (Swedish Grammy) winning group further secure their legacy as one of the worldwide leaders of traditional Scandinavian folk music.

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  1. 1. Ramunder
  2. 2. Två Systrar
  3. 3. Dagen Flyr
  4. 4. Sven I Rosengård
  5. 5. Ur Världen Att Gå
  6. 6. Vägskäl
  7. 7. Lussi Lilla
  8. 8. Avskedet
  9. 9. Din Grav

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 30
    London, UK London Nordic Folk Festival 2021
  • Jun 24
    Elmshorn, Germany Hörnerfest 2022
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