New Releases For July 22, 2014



FLINTFACE, the son of a minister, quickly became involved in giving back to his community. Unfortunately, at the same time he was a victim of abuse that set his formative years into a dark course of insecurity and depression. As an escape, he found solace in the healing power of music.

'This record is about having faith in where we are headed, without forgetting where we came from,' says FLINTFACE. His new record Hope conveys this message especially on the track 'Army Of Rejects.'

Combining energetic instrumentation, classic rock bombast, and a soft, soulful melody, this record is sharply infectious.

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"Army Of Rejects"


  1. 1. On Your Feet Again
  2. 2. Army Of Rejects
  3. 3. When Culture Calls
  4. 4. Rock Steady
  5. 5. Ready For It
  6. 6. Buying What You're Selling
  7. 7. Found My Voice
  8. 8. Did I Stutter
  9. 9. Hope (The Bottom)