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Fair To Midland
Arrows & Anchors

Fair To Midland - Arrows & Anchors

Anyone who thinks the phrase 'it's all been done before' carries real weight clearly has yet to encounter Fair To Midland. Dark, heavy, moving, cryptic, progressive art-rock collides with flourishes of old-school country, Americana and Delta blues in their sound. These Lonestar boys genre-defying and boundary obliterating ocean of sound righteously upends the old phrase 'fair to middling' from which their Texas-ified moniker was drawn.

Arrows and Anchors, the five-piece band's first album in partnership with eOne Music, is meaner, sadder and altogether more desperate of an affair than its predecessors. 'It's a very bitter album,' offers vocalist Darroh Sudderth. 'The last album had some light at the end of the tunnel in some of the subject matter. This one doesn't have that quite so much.'

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"Musical Chairs"


  1. 1. Heavens To Murgatroyd
  2. 2. Whiskey & Ritalin
  3. 3. Musical Chairs
  4. 4. Uh-Oh
  5. 5. Amerillo Sleeps On My Pillow
  6. 6. A Loophole In Limbo
  7. 7. Typhoid Mary Sends Her Best
  8. 8. Short-Haired Tornado
  9. 9. The Upset At Bailey Bridge
  10. 10. Rikki Tikki Tavi
  11. 11. Golden Parachutes
  12. 12. Bright Bulbs & Sharp Tools
  13. 13. Coppertank Island
  14. 14. Three Foolproof Ways To Buy The Farm
  15. 15. The Greener Grass