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Erroll Garner
That’s My Kick (Remastered)

Erroll Garner - That’s My Kick (Remastered)

This was Erroll Garner’s first traditional studio album in five years and perhaps his most ambitious album ever as a composer. The selections were surely inspired by the new array of musicians assembled for the sessions, including percussionist José Mangual, who would go on to play with Garner for rest of his career. The electric atmosphere captured on tape here is at times raucous and always palpably joyful.

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  1. 1. That's My Kick
  2. 2. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  3. 3. Like It Is
  4. 4. It Ain’t Necessarily So
  5. 5. Autumn Leaves
  6. 6. Blue Moon
  7. 7. More
  8. 8. Gaslight
  9. 9. Nervous Waltz
  10. 10. Passing Through
  11. 11. Afinidad
  12. 12. She Walked On

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