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Elizabeth And The Catapult
sincerely, e (Digital)

Elizabeth And The Catapult - sincerely, e (Digital)

Years of performing in New York City clubs and touring internationally have honed a natural ability that brings Elizabeth Ziman’s colorful imagination, smart lyrics and catchy melodies to life - a testament to why this singer-songwriter can’t stop collaborating - most recently with Sara Bareilles on Apple TV's Little Voice and with Paul Brill on award winning documentaries. Elizabeth And The Catapult's fifth studio album was born out of a need during the pandemic shut down to cope with the breakdown of communication. sincerely, e is a comforting salve - to soothe and nourish listeners and lovers of music - after a most confusing and emotional year.

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"pop the placebo"


  1. 1. birds and the bees
  2. 2. pop the placebo
  3. 3. the muse
  4. 4. thirsty
  5. 5. together, alone
  6. 6. sweet chariot
  7. 7. sha-la-la
  8. 8. this rose comes to life
  9. 9. apocalypse in A major
  10. 10. the stranger
  11. 11. hope, my sometimes friend
  12. 12. love always wins

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 24
    Woodstock, NY, US Elizabeth & The Catapult at Colony
  • Sep 27
    Annapolis, MD, US Five For Fighting with Elizabeth & The Catapult at Rams Head On Stage
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