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Egyptian Project
Ya Amar

Egyptian Project - Ya Amar

More of an infusion than a fusion, Egyptian Project is the result of a long and committed collaboration between the defenders of Egyptian musical tradition and a young French musician who mix the sounds of the Nile delta and Cairo with the ambiances of trip-hop, electro, hip-hop, and even classical music. The fluvial meeting of oriental fragrances and minimalist electronic sounds makes for a journey into unexplored territories.

TAGS: Ambient | World

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"Ya Amar"


  1. 1. Takasim Salama
  2. 2. Ya Amar
  3. 3. Anta Ana
  4. 4. Besharis
  5. 5. Kawala Time
  6. 6. Ya Sahbi
  7. 7. Soufi
  8. 8. Nessma
  9. 9. Menen Aguibak
  10. 10. Rouhi (Live)