New Releases For March 9, 2018


Editors - Violence

Violence is the sixth album from Editors and follows 2015’s acclaimed In Dream. It was produced by Leo Abrahams (Wild Beasts, Florence & the Machine, Frightened Rabbit) and Editors with additional production from Benjamin John Power (Blanck Mass, Fuck Buttons). Frontman Tom Smith said of the album, “We had a lot of help from a guy called Blanck Mass, who makes very brutal electronic music. So when it’s electronic, it’s very electronic. But then when it’s guitar-y, it’s very band driven. I think we’ve managed to find the balance of those two things better than we have done before.”

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  1. 1. Cold
  2. 2. Hallelujah (So Low)
  3. 3. Violence
  4. 4. Darkness At The Door
  5. 5. Nothingness
  6. 6. Magazine
  7. 7. No Sound But The Wind
  8. 8. Counting Spooks
  9. 9. Belong

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