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Doe Paoro
Soft Power

Doe Paoro - Soft Power

Transforming pain into transcendence is the genius of many pop artists, but Doe Paoro brings an entirely new depth to that process. On her third album Soft Power, the L.A.-based singer/songwriter digs into her own frustration and anguish, and ultimately comes away with a newfound strength that is profoundly inspiring. Soft Power thus bears a raw vitality that marks a major departure from Doe’s previous album. Naming Carole King among her inspirations, Doe notes that the new record’s more urgent feel comes partly from reconnecting with the instinctive approach of her earliest songwriting.

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"Cage Of Habits"


  1. 1. Over
  2. 2. Cage Of Habits
  3. 3. Guilty
  4. 4. Loose Plans
  5. 5. Cruelty Of Nature
  6. 6. Second Door
  7. 7. Fading Into Black
  8. 8. The Projector
  9. 9. Together Apart
  10. 10. Roman
  11. 11. Walk Through The Fire
  12. 12. The Vine