New Releases For September 4, 2020

Diesel Machine

Diesel Machine - Evolve

Diesel Machine is back after 20 years. Founded in the mid ‘90s by former musicians of the L.A. band, World In Pain and Eleventh Hour, the hard groove metal band formed around Patrick Lachman (Halford, Damageplan) was compared with greats like Pantera, Crowbar and Machine Head. Their only regular studio album to date, Torture Test, was received enthusiastically by fans and critics alike and has retained its absolute cult status to this day. 20 years later, the musicians got together again to celebrate their energetic, uncompromising extreme metal on Evolve.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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  1. 1. Death March
  2. 2. React
  3. 3. Exit Wound
  4. 4. Ounce Of Strength
  5. 5. Shut It
  6. 6. Cynical
  7. 7. Judgement
  8. 8. Evolve
  9. 9. Nothing Left
  10. 10. I'm Insane
  11. 11. Anger Within