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Slow Club

Slow Club - Paradise

'a compelling, ambitious musical leap forward for the duo' - Music Week

'as Charles and Rebecca yell 'hold on to where you're from' you can practically hear the echoing hordes scream it back' - NME

Two years on from their critically acclaimed debut, Slow Club release their new album Paradise. Produced by Luke Smith - of sadly departed electro band Clor and producer of Foal's Mercury-nominated Total Life Forever - their new album is a far cry from the rattling pop of their debut Yeah So. With its swooning but raucous take on doo-wop and its frazzled, fragile representation of soul inspired rock, Paradise is typical of a band whose members divide their obsessions between Destiny's Child and noise-pop.

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"Two Cousins"


  1. 1. Two Cousins
  2. 2. If We're Still Alive
  3. 3. Never Look Back
  4. 4. Where I'm Walking
  5. 5. Hackney Marsh
  6. 6. Beginners
  7. 7. You, Earth Or Ash
  8. 8. Gold Mountain
  9. 9. The Dog
  10. 10. Horses Jumping