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Defecto - Duality

Defecto’s dive into the metal scene has been fast and even frantic at times. Only a year after the release of their debut album, they supported acts like Metallica and Rammstein. They sold out headlining tours in Denmark and played on successful tours throughout Europe. The band is now releasing their new album Duality. Taking inspiration in the duality of life, the band uses their sonic diversity to create a seamless mix including both the explosive and the atmospheric. Duality is the combination of light and dark, and the culmination of what Defecto stands for.

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"Paradigm Of Deceit"


  1. 1. Rings Of Saturn
  2. 2. The Uninvited
  3. 3. Rise
  4. 4. Paradigm Of Deceit
  5. 5. All For You
  6. 6. Untamed
  7. 7. Condemned
  8. 8. Bed Of Nails
  9. 9. Washed Away
  10. 10. Tempest
  11. 11. Don't Say Goodbye