New Releases For August 2, 2019

Davina And The Vagabonds
Sugar Drops

Davina And The Vagabonds - Sugar Drops

Sugar Drops is the first album on Red House Records from Davina And The Vagabonds and is a distillation of bluesy barroom baritone and bravado, graveyard jazz grooves, and noir-ish confessional lyricism backed by boisterous piano, guitar, and strings. Eclectic, engaging and instilled with a deep respect and knowledge for the Great American Songbook, Sugar Drops is the actualization of longstanding intent for Davina.

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"Devil Horns"


  1. 1. Bone Collection
  2. 2. I Can't Believe I Let You Go
  3. 3. Devil Horns
  4. 4. Little Miss Moonshine
  5. 5. Sugar Drops
  6. 6. Another Lonely Day
  7. 7. No Matter Where We Are
  8. 8. Mr. Big Talker
  9. 9. Magic Kisses
  10. 10. Deep End
  11. 11. Holy Cow
  12. 12. Stop Playing With My Heart
  13. 13. I'm Gonna Take My Heart
  14. 14. Goodnight
  15. 15. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl