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Cirkus Prütz
White Jazz - Black Magic

Cirkus Prütz - White Jazz - Black Magic

Cirkus Prütz take us from their Swedish home to a hot, dim bar in Texas. You hear the first notes and you immediately think of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billy F Gibbons coming in the door to join jamming with the band. The 10 songs tell stories we have all encountered. About hopes, dreams and "life" itself. Presented in the seething sound of the South, between swamp, blues, Zydeco and honest rock. And with the instrumental "Blues For Fallen Brothers," the four musicians created an emotional memory of two former guitarists who unfortunately are no longer with us.

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"Leave Me Alone"


  1. 1. Leave Me Alone
  2. 2. Mojo
  3. 3. Shotgun Wedding Blues
  4. 4. Aim To Please
  5. 5. Blues For Fallen Brothers
  6. 6. Hell To Pay Hot
  7. 7. Ready To Go
  8. 8. Friends
  9. 9. Hats ā€˜Nā€™ Strats
  10. 10. Zombie Stomp