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Chucho Valdés
Jazz Batá 2

Chucho Valdés - Jazz Batá 2

Jazz Batá 2, composer, pianist and bandleader Chucho Valdés’ first album for Mack Avenue Records, marks a new peak of creativity for the artist, even as it revisits the small-group concept of his 1972 Cuban album Jazz Batá. Jazz Batá 2 is both rhythmic and lyrical at once. The six-hand complexity of the batá repertoire – the deep classical music of West Africa – permeates Valdés’ piano solos throughout the album. “I applied to my solos the different rhythms of the batá,” he says. “The piano is of course a harmonic instrument, but it’s percussive too, and you can play percussion with it.”

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  1. 1. Obatalá
  2. 2. Son XXI
  3. 3. Luces
  4. 4. Ochún
  5. 5. Chucho’s Mood
  6. 6. 100 Años De Bebo
  7. 7. El Guije
  8. 8. The Clown