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Randy Crawford & Joe Sample

Randy Crawford & Joe Sample - Live

Randy Crawford and Joe Sample have been making music together in one form or another for nearly 36 years. From their first hit together, 'Street Life,' which Randy sang with Joe and the Crusaders, to their recent collaboration on the Grammy nominated CDs, Feeling Good and No Regrets, they've made music that people remember. They remember the songs, and melodies, but above all they remember Randy's voice. To hear Randy's voice live is another thing all together. The recordings are live exactly as they happened. Live music with live people.

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"Feeling Good"


  1. 1. Every Day I Have the Blues
  2. 2. Feeling Good
  3. 3. Tell Me More And More And Then Some
  4. 4. Rainy Night In Georgia
  5. 5. This Bitter Earth
  6. 6. Me, Myself And I
  7. 7. No Regrets
  8. 8. One Day I'll Fly Away
  9. 9. Almaz
  10. 10. Street Life
  11. 11. Last Night At Danceland