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Cameron Graves

Cameron Graves - Seven

With 2017’s Planetary Prince, pianist/composer Cameron Graves established himself as a visionary creative force emerging from the Los Angeles genre-defying collective The West Coast Get Down. With his sophomore album Seven, Graves - a.k.a. The Planetary Prince - further expands on his otherworldly inspirations from The Urantia Book, revealing the mysteries of the universe, interplanetary travel and the battle between good and evil. “Our mission is to continue that legacy of advanced music that was started by bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report and Return to Forever,” Graves says. “That was instilled in us by the masters. Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock”

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"Sons Of Creation"


  1. 1. Sacred Spheres
  2. 2. Paradise Trinity
  3. 3. Sons Of Creation
  4. 4. Seven
  5. 5. The Life Carriers
  6. 6. Super Universe
  7. 7. Red
  8. 8. Fairytales
  9. 9. Master Spirits
  10. 10. Mansion Worlds
  11. 11. Eternal Paradise

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