New Releases For November 27, 2020

Bryce Lamar
Hands (Digital Single)

Bryce Lamar - Hands (Digital Single)

Pinkturban is excited to welcome Los Angeles-based producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Lamar to its roster of world-inspired electronic artists with his single, "Hands." Described by Pinkturban as Hindustani House, “Hands” is a grooving and pulsing 10-minute experience that will make you want to get lost and wander in the desert, looking at the stars. "Hands" features the mesmerizing Hindustani vocals of internationally renowned Indian classical singer, Pandit Girish Chatterjee, skillfully layered alongside Bryce’s own vocals and masterful production. As a fourth-generation Indian classical singer and musician, Girish is the direct disciple of legendary vocalist Bhimsen Joshi.

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"Hands (Dandara Remix)"


  1. 1. Hands (Original Mix)
  2. 2. Hands (Dandara Remix)

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