New Releases For October 15, 2013

Bob James

Bob James - Alone

'Having had the good fortune over the years to make jazz recordings with many great collaborators, I felt a responsibility to express my innermost musical thoughts directly through the piano; with no production, rhythm section or electronics, just the piano. Making this music I felt a variety of emotions: power, freedom, fun, control, relaxed, nervous, lonely. Most of all I felt a burning desire to express myself in a direct way through the majestic instrument that I sat in front of my whole life. Sharing with you the sounds that inspire me when I'm the piano.' - Bob James

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  1. 1. Restoration
  2. 2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  3. 3. My Heart Stood Still
  4. 4. Never Let Me Go
  5. 5. Wild Stallion
  6. 6. Karesansui
  7. 7. Scarborough Fair
  8. 8. It Never Entered My Mind
  9. 9. Lover Come Back To Me
  10. 10. Garbo Redux
  11. 11. Medley (Westechester Lady / Touchdown / Nautilus / Angela)
  12. 12. Put Our Hearts Together

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