New Releases For June 4, 2021

Bob Holz
Live In New York & L.A.

Bob Holz - Live In New York & L.A.

Jazz fusion artist Bob Holz is back with a powerhouse live album featuring a star-studded lineup of high profile players. Live In New York & L.A. matches up topflight instrumental and vocal performances as Bob Holz covers some of the great jazz classics combined with his own original compositions. Bob Holz has established himself as a world class drummer and composer and now he unleashes the energy of his live performances on this incredible album.

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"Jammin' Man"


  1. 1. All Blues
  2. 2. Little Sunflower
  3. 3. A Night In Tunisia
  4. 4. Blue Mashed Potatoes
  5. 5. Georgia On My Mind
  6. 6. Blues For CC
  7. 7. Jammin' Man
  8. 8. Riptide