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Blood Of The Sun
Blood’s Thicker Than Love

Blood Of The Sun - Blood’s Thicker Than Love

Drawing influences from Deep Purple, Mountain, Humble Pie, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin and probably 50 other bands, Blood Of The Sun have been delivering super catchy hard rock over the course of their four albums, churning out upbeat ‘70s radio hits with so much ease and conviction. Admittedly retro sounding but with such determination and an enthusiasm, Blood Of The Sun have forged an identifiable sound making their influences an original and integral part of their signature sound.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Rock

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"Livin' For The Night"


  1. 1. Keep The Lemmy's Comin’
  2. 2. My Time
  3. 3. Livin' For The Night
  4. 4. Air Rises As You Drown
  5. 5. Staned Glass Window
  6. 6. Blood Of The Road

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