New Releases For September 16, 2016

Blood From The Lion’s Mouth

Barishi - Blood From The Lion’s Mouth

Gritty progressive metal quartet Barishi unveils its adventurous new album Blood From The Lion's Mouth. More than simply "progressive," Barishi strikes a deft and unique balance between elegance and aggression. Tracks such as "Grave Of The Creator," "Bonesetter," and the title track are ruthlessly heavy and oddly beautiful, and delivered with purpose and poise that belies the quartet's young age. Barishi are a band on the rise and Blood From The Lion's Mouth a stellar work of truly stirring and artful heavy music.

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"Grave Of The Creator"


  1. 1. Grave Of The Creator
  2. 2. Blood From The Lion's Mouth
  3. 3. The Great Ennead
  4. 4. Death Moves In Silence
  5. 5. Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetery
  6. 6. Bonesetter
  7. 7. The Deep
  8. 8. The Spectral Order