New Releases For March 10, 2015

Art Pepper
Neon Art: Volume Two (Reissue)

Art Pepper - Neon Art: Volume Two (Reissue)

Omnivore Recordings now partners with Widow’s Taste Records, Laurie Pepper’s own label, to release Neon Art, a series of live recordings. Neon Art is aimed at both the longtime Art Pepper aficionado and those just coming to know Art’s work.

Neon Art: Volume Two is drawn from a 1981 concert tour in Japan, features “Mambo Koyama,” “Over The Rainbow,” and “Allen’s Alley,” and is currently available on neon pink vinyl.

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"Allen’s Alley"


  1. 1. Mambo Koyama
  2. 2. Over The Rainbow
  3. 3. Allen’s Alley
  4. *LP includes download card

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