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Armik - Reflections

Armik is one of the most adulated virtuosos of a new genre he defines as World Fusion, Flamenco, Spanish Guitar. As his 24th release in a professional career, Reflections swiftly demonstrates why Armik is considered one of the best guitarists of his generation in the field of Nuevo Flamenco.

As with his previous critically acclaimed and chart-topping recordings, Reflections showcases Armik's considerable compositional skills and astounding guitar virtuosity.

Reflections references the heartfelt passion and romantic feelings rooted in the honored tradition of Flamenco music. Armik adds elements of Latin jazz, world and classical music to his stellar creations with breath-taking flamenco solos.

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  1. 1. Reflections
  2. 2. In Love
  3. 3. Remembering Isla Del Sol
  4. 4. Summer In Marbella
  5. 5. Mi Guitarra Roja
  6. 6. Moon Dance
  7. 7. Una Historia De Vida
  8. 8. Nights In Seville
  9. 9. Inspiration
  10. 10. Spanish Sun
  11. 11. Ronda
  12. 12. Solo Fire
  13. 13. Sentimientos