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Alberto Sciamma
Blood Trap (DVD/Blu-ray)

Alberto Sciamma - Blood Trap (DVD/Blu-ray)

When a group of criminals kidnap a gangster’s daughter for ransom, they find themselves in way over their heads. They become locked in her compound until dark and are systematically hunted down by their victim who is actually a vampire.

Stars Costas Manydlor (SAW franchise), Vinnie Jones (Snatch, X-Men - The Last Stand), and Gianni Capaldi.


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  2. Directed By Alberto Sciamma
  3. Starring:
  4. Vinnie Jones (Snatch, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Midnight Meat Train)
  5. Costas Mandylor (Saw III, Picket Fences)
  6. Gianni Capaldi (The Wicked Within, Blood Of Redemption)
  7. Drew Kenney (Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey, The Bachelorette)