New Releases For March 18, 2014

Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes
Frettening Behaviour

Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - Frettening Behaviour

Frettening Behaviour is the latest studio album by guitar legend Albert Lee and his band Hogan's Heroes. It brings together some fine and diverse material featuring songs penned by members of the band and a number of gems written by the likes of Green Day, Jim Lauderdale, Rodney Crowell, Gerry Goffin and Glen Campbell.

Frettening Behaviour offers a bumper helping of the group's distinctive blend of rock and roll, R&B and country, which reflects where the band is at musically as it moves into 2014. It will surely delight all their faithful followers, as well as hopefully turning on many less committed listeners to the unsung Heroes in their midst.

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"Good Riddance"


  1. 1. Good Riddance
  2. 2. Spell Bound
  3. 3. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile
  4. 4. Oh Marie
  5. 5. King Of Broken Hearts
  6. 6. Big Town Girl
  7. 7. My Window Faces The South
  8. 8. Song For The Life
  9. 9. Showdown
  10. 10. When Elvis Broke The News
  11. 11. Dreaming As One
  12. 12. You Just Might
  13. 13. Looks Like Love
  14. 14. A Better Place