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Al Williams III
See For Yourself (Digital Only)

Al Williams III - See For Yourself (Digital Only)

Al Williams III, John Stoddart, and keyboardist, Jon Ozment have come up with some catchy pop melodies, and the band revels in vintage Stevie Wonder sounds on the album's title track. Rounding out the cast is Spyro Gyra bassist Scott Ambush, vocalist Ron Gutierrez and electric guitarist Stanley Cooper, among others. “…the title seems especially apt in light of the album's multifaceted performances, which consistently display Williams's gifts for playing, composing and collaborating. - Mike Joyce (The Washington Post).

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"See For Yourself"


  1. 1. Sleepin' In
  2. 2. In The City
  3. 3. Just To Be With You
  4. 4. Sweet Little Town
  5. 5. Who'm I Tryin' To Fool
  6. 6. See For Yourself
  7. 7. Emma's Bomba
  8. 8. When We Dance
  9. 9. Cordoba
  10. 10. Pleasantville