New Releases For June 4, 2013

A Secret Policeman's Ball
Teenage Crimewave

A Secret Policeman's Ball - Teenage Crimewave

From the suburbs of Nashville, a Secret Policeman's Ball is an indie rock band that has spent the last six years cultivating songs and playing numerous shows in the Southeast. Teenage Crimewave, their first full length album, is a collection of songs that span the band's many influences. The finished product results in something different than the music trends of today. Male and female vocals alternate as the sound shifts from quiet to loud and back again, with a good amount of synth thrown in for an ethereal good measure.

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"Sometimes My Arms Bend Back"


  1. 1. Brian's House
  2. 2. I'm Not A Scientician
  3. 3. A Flock Of Beagles
  4. 4. A Young Stephen Dorff
  5. 5. Sweaters
  6. 6. They Already Banged
  7. 7. Padfoot
  8. 8. Try To Find Shon A New Hat
  9. 9. Stairway To Upstairs
  10. 10. Sometimes My Arms Bend Back