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  Killing Joke

   Absolute Dissent

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Absolute Dissent

Coming to life during what would become known as the 'post-punk' era, Killing Joke were never willing to conform to the artistic restrictions of any particular scene or genre. Instead, they took a vast and bewildering array of influences and experience, and combined them to create something entirely unique and utterly timely that still stands up today.

12 albums later, the loss of a member (bassist Paul Raven in 2007) and a legion of bands that have cited Killing Joke as a major influence (Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, and Ministry to name a few), Killing Joke is back with their first album of new material featuring the original line-up in 28 years.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: November 23, 2010   on Spinefarm


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1. Absolute Dissent
2. The Great Cull
3. Fresh Fever From The Skies
4. In Excelsis
5. European Super State
6. This World Hell
7. Endgame
8. The Raven King
9. Honour The Fire
10. Depthcharge
11. Here Comes The Singularity
12. Ghosts On Ladbroke Grove