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  Five Finger Death Punch

   The Way Of The Fist: Iron Fist Edition

The Way Of The Fist: Iron Fist Edition

Five Finger Death Punch's The Way Of The Fist: Iron Fist Edition is a deluxe box set re-release of their classic first album which featured the ground-breaking hits 'The Bleeding,' 'Never Enough,' and 'Stranger Than Fiction.'

This brand new packaging features all 13 original tracks plus 11 rarities, a brand new DVD documentary, The Legend Of The Fist: Vol. 1, a poster/calendar, 5FDP trading cards and more.

It's the perfect gift for any metal head this season!


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1. Ashes
2. The Way Of The Fist
3. Salvation
4. The Bleeding
5. A Place To Die
6. The Devil's Own
7. White Knuckles
8. Can't Heal You
9. Death Before Dishonor
10. Meet The Monster
11. Stranger Than Fiction
12. Never Enough
13. The Bleeding (Acoustic)
14. A New Level
15. From Out Of Nowhere
16. Succubus (Demo)
17. Salvation (Live)
18. The Way Of The Fist (Live)
19. White Knuckles (Live)
20. Salvation (Instrumental)
21. The Bleeding (Instrumental)
22. The Way Of The Fist (Instrumental)
23. Devil's Own (Instrumental)
24. Never Enough (Instrumental)


Las Vegas, NV, US
Nothing More, Volbeat, and Hellyeah with Five Finger Death Punch at Le Cabaret Lounge
San Bernardino, CA, US
Phoenix, AZ, US
Five Finger Death Punch with Volbeat, Killswitch Engage, Hellyeah, and 1 moreā€¦ at Downtown Phoenix
Broomfield, CO, US
Five Finger Death Punch, Hellyeah, and Lola Black at 1stBANK Center
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