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  Radical Classical

   Radical Classical

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Radical Classical

This Grammy ballot nominee's third release was completed with the mindset to define the identity of Radical Classical. The self titled album Radical Classical is a signature sound with songs that contain heavy bass lines, speedy leads and multi dimensional melodies accompanied by strong vocals and lyrics.

Her combination of pop song structure and virtuoso mood compositions on the guitar is being well received in concert venues, college radio and television.

To sum it up, Richard McDonald (Sr. VP of Global Marketing for Fender Guitars) stated that 'Her approach to playing screams of the spirit of Rock N Roll.'

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal



1. Prelude To Apocalypse
2. Rally To The Siege
3. Dimensional Struggles
4. Don't Lock Up The Sky
5. Prayer Of The Prey
6. Canela (English Version)
7. Fake Up
8. Radical Classical
9. Transparency In Silence
10. The Rock Ness Monster
11. Hug For A Thug
12. Canela (Spanish Version)
13. Social Arrest
14. Songs Of The Sage
15. Reconciled