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Jewell, the 'First Lady of Death Row,' brings original tracks from the Death Row vault on her self titled album, Jewell. The never before released tracks from Jewell dig deep into her gospel roots while staying true to the vibe that is uniquely Death Row. Jewell's mesmerizing and sultry voice stays timeless and still as haunting as ever on Jewell.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: November 22, 2011   on WIDEawake



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1. Recognize
2. Betcha She Don't Love You
3. Wancha With Me
4. Will It Hurt
5. Church Girl Sad World
6. Ooh
7. Make It Better
8. Only One
9. I Came When You Were Alone
10. Married
11. Oh No Daddy
12. Back In Bed
13. Come Back To Heaven
14. So Bad
15. Wouldn't Be In Vain

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