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  Roy Rogers with the Sons of The Pioneers

   Centennial Collection

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Centennial Collection

On November 5th 2011, Roy Rogers - The King of the Cowboys - would have turned 100 years old. To celebrate this occasion, Varèse Sarabande Records is releasing The Centennial Collection, featuring rare recordings from the start of Roy Rogers' career, when he was a part of the Sons Of The Pioneers. This collection also includes a special paragraph about Roy written by his daughter Cheryl Rogers-Barnett.


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1. Cowboy Night Herd Song
2. Jesse James
3. Hadie Brown (My Little Lady)
4. Seein' Nellie Home (Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party)
5. Swiss Yodel
6. Goodbye My Lover Goodbye
7. Black Sheep Blues
8. One More River To Cross
9. Sing, Cowboy, Sing
10. When The Work's All Done This Fall